Me Nyuam Yaus Cov Nkauj

$ 15.00

DVD, Hmong
Music video, 2016
35 minutes

From Hmongland, this new video contains 12 children's songs, and four of them are songs of Hmong alphabets, vowels, and tones. This is one of the first children's songs in Hmong for Hmong children. 

Song titles:
01. Ntxhais Nkauj Ntxawm (Oh My Darling, Clementine)
02. Koj Puas Tsaug Zog? (Are You Sleeping?)
03. Log Ntawm Lub Npav (The Wheels On the Bus)
04. Cov Keeb Ib Tug (ABC Song)
05. Cov Keeb Ob Tug (ABC Song)
06. Cov Keeb Peb Plaub Tug (ABC Song)
07. Cov Keeb 60 Tus (ABC Song)
08. Cov Suab (ABC Song)
09. Cov Cim (ABC Song)
10. Ci Iab Hnub Qub Me (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
11. Yawg Hmoob Laus Muaj Ib Daim Teb (Old McDonald Had a Farm)
12. Yog Koj Zoo Siab (If You're Happy and You Know It)

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